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Quench Thy Thirst-Dry/Extra Dry Skin Types

Quench Thy Thirst JPEF LOGO

The Quench Thy Thirst range has been created for those who need their skin hydrated and relieved with conditions such as flakes (Psoriasis), Xerosis (dehydration) and Ichthyosis (scaly, dry, cracked). These due to the beneficial and powerful organic plant based blemish reducing, anti-oxidant hydrating oils and butters in this range will help bring back skin to its normal natural tone.  .


Quench Thy Thirst Cleanser nourishes and hydrates skin with double cleansing ingredients of Organic Sprouted Hemp Oil and Organic Rice Bran Oil that soaks into the skin whist lifting off impurities and hydrates leading to revitalized radiant skin.


Quench Thy Thirst Toner hydrates, relieves and closes pores on dry skin. Massage into the face, neck, arms, and legs for glowing healthy revitalised looking skin,

Face & Body Moisturising Balm

Quench Thy Thirst Balm available in 50ml or 120ml containers with Unrefined Cocoa butter will smooth and tone dehydrated, wrinkled and textured skin and be hydrated with Organic Sprouted Hemp Seed Oil. Recommendation: Use on chapped hands, hard soles, scarred skin & cellulite

Quench Thy Thirst Set

All of our Quench Thy Thirst products in one hydrating and relieving package to aid your dry skin.

The performance of the Quench Thy Thirst range serves the most dehydrated skin.   Reliving skin conditions such as flakes (Psoriasis), Xerosis (dehydration) and Ichthyosis (scaly, dry, cracked).

Definition of Dry/Extra Dry skin:

Skin that lacks natural shine (Xerosis-dehydration)

Looks ashy (lacklustre)

Flaky and chapped


Rough texture on foot soles

Scaliness (Ichthyosis)

Lack of collagen in cheek area


Key benefits of Quench Thy Thirst Products:

Repairs flaky chapped skin

High in Beta-Carotene

Excellent complexion booster

Builds skins immune system with Organic Sprouted Hemp Seed Oil containing Omega 3,6 and 9

Reverses the signs of aging and blemishes via Organic Rice Bran Oil

Perfect emollient for heat rashes
The Quench Thy Thirst range contains hydrating oils and plant butters with Flavonoids a form of Antioxidants and has been known to relieve toxins from the skin.

The main essential oils are helpful towards hydrating the skin and helping the skin cell membrane repairs itself whilst relieving medical conditions such as arthritis via essential oils such as Frankincense Essential Oil (Boswellia carteri) and Neroli Essential Oil (Citrus aurantium).

During warm weather the range can be used as a protective for heat rash symptoms and sunscreen exposure.

In the winter, the range is can help keep skin supple and hydrated against the  harsh weather conditions.