WOW (Wipe Out Wrinkles) Range-Anti-Ageing Skin types

The WOW (Wipe out Wrinkles) range has been created to help with premature ageing signs. Dark circles for the under eyes, Faint or Deep lines on the forehead, tight skin, Crows feet amongst many others. Advice from many expert Homoeopaths, Aroma therapists and Holistic Therapists results and trails using organic plant rich Omega 3, 6 & 9, Vitamins A,B, C & E Oil ingredients in treatments have been carefully selected.

In turn help with the body natural skin repair system re-growth of fresh new skin cells (Sebum) and showcases youthful skin along.

The Wow Range with its ingredients help the your natural skin cell regenerative process using Omega Rich and Vitamin oils for overnight restoration and relieving fine tissue areas such as under eye, neck area, cuticles.

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