Superfood Range-Oily and Anti-Ageing Skin types

The Superfood range has been designed to help with many skin issues which as a company we feel we had not actually fulfilled or achieved since conception.

So due to the last 3 years of constant research and sourcing we believe to have a found a range that works for most skin types.

Due to all the Multi-Vitamins your skin and dietary system daily needs from A to K the range provides this in abundance plus helping those keep oily over production at bay (without dehydrating the skin or stripping the skin oils ).

For anti-aging and skin renewal the range has Omega 3,5,6,7,9 for helping skin reproduction system (sebum) plus anti-oxidants for age defying results, flavonoids for protection of the skin towards pollution and daily toxins.

The range does not contain an essential oil so this helps with allergen and intolerance suffers regarding this.

All the ingredients used within the range are Unrefined and Organic making it the best possible product we have made here since initiation of the company.

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