Free The Mind Range-Sensitive Skin types

The Free the Mind range has been created to help relieve those with extreme allergens and intolerances. The ingredients within the range are mainly anti-inflammatory with beneficial oils such as GLA’s and so on. These do not just help relate to skin ailments but dietary too. Some of these allergies include being allergic to grass, allergic to avocado or mango (which can inflame Eczema) which split into two main forms of allergy: those with a tree-pollen allergy develop local symptoms in the mouth and throat shortly after eating avocado or mango; the second, known as latex-fruit syndrome is related to latex allergy and symptoms include generalised urticaria, abdominal pain, and vomiting and can sometimes be life-threatening. So all the products within this range only contain ingredients purely from Plant origin which are proven to help those with allergies over 100’s of years dating back form all parts of the world. .

Compared to all our other ranges which contain fruit or coconut derived ingredients for this not only helps relieve and combat severe Hyper-Sensitive skin ailments and conditions such as contact dermatitis’s (redness and rash skin) and impetigo (rash underneath the skin layer), Hyper-pigmentation but helps towards nourishing the skin with Omega 3,6,and 9, plus anti-oxidants and multi-vitamins.

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