Being creative and the ongoing journey

Creative background

Being a health practitioner I do regularly get asked in meetings, lectures, and general conversations.

What is your background? Well I have always been into creativity and the energetic use of that.

How did you get into making skincare and working with health? Skincare was to relive my own ailments and health the same with in regards to liefstyle and dieta.

Well a simple answer to not go too deep is healing people was always my destiny I feel (everyone has a destiny and we are put on earth for a purpose). As a child i believed and saw the effect of how people could be healed with music, which I think is possible but it goes deeper then that with health, dieta, lifestyle, your environment.

I am still learning constantly and utilize my experience i have gained so far, am I an expert?

Personally I think we are always students of life and use our skills learnt to improve not just ourselves but helping others is a general pillar of humanization we need to aspire to.

So then how do you present creativity -well watch the video below for an answer.

Presentation of Creativity

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