New generation of Daily Cleansing-Skincare Revolution

Raw Skin Food Limited prides itself on not using the synthetic ingredients present in most conventional skincare products, replacing them with pure, natural ingredients.

We specialise in the manufacture of:


Cleansers (Nourishing) instead of Cleansers, Face Wash & Soap (Sodium based & potentially dehydrating or stripping off the skins natural oils)

Toner/Mists (Chemical free + Balancing) instead of  Tonics (Largely Alcohol based potentially harmful to the skin or Water based meaning highly ineffective for the skin)

Balms/Moisturiser/Crémes (Unrefined Conditioning solutions and remedy’s) instead of Lotions, Creams, (Water based & potentially drying for the skin)


Raw Skin Food stands for a solid commitment to one of the basic necessities, your skin deserves the best care you can possible give it just like you deserve the best diet for your body and well-being.


Why is Natural Skincare Important?


Cleansers – Our cleansing solutions, otherwise known as facial cleansers, soaps and gels, gently cleanse and nourish the skin, whilst competitors foam or facial gel washes could potentially dehydrate the skin of it’s natural oils and cause dehydration.

Toners – Our toners, otherwise known as facial sprays, mists and tonics, restore ph skin balance and seal open pores whereas other non-natural alternatives could potentially strip the skin of it’s natural oils (Sebum).

Balms – Our unrefined coconut or aloe vera butter based balms, otherwise known as moisturisers and waxes, protect the skin compared to their water based equivalents, which could potentially dry out the skin.

Raw Skin Food offers high quality products at an affordable price, whilst providing a natural skincare alternative, which is also ethical and environmentally friendly.

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