How and why we started

Raw Skin Food is a Healthy Lifestyle and Beauty well-being company based in London

Specialising in developing and production of Handmade Raw 8 Common Food Allergen free (including none of the following ingredients or derivatives  Wheat, Dairy, Egg, Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Fish, Shellfish, Soya) skin care products when possible being purely 100% fruit and plant-based, whilst giving advice to meet optimum health.

The concept of Raw Skin Food is to responsibly give the highest quality products from natural origin and and advice to provide remedies created via research of ancient skin care, diets and well-being whilst providing an allergen free alternative to widely available chemical-based products on the market.

Thus allowing families and people with allergies, intolerance and dietary restrictions, similar benefits that everybody can obtain and can still be attainable at an affordable price.

All of the skin care products we make use raw materials and handmade production methods of cold pressing that keep the purity of the ingredients, and therefore helping the skin with its natural protection and oils.

The founder of Raw Skin Food from initiation  Richard James Clark whose own personal background has showcased suffering with several food intolerance from birth of the following – dairy, nuts, soya and excess sodium, potassium which he found out early in life. Plus having potential allergic skin reactions from certain flowers, plants, trees and spices.

All of this would inevitably affected his self-confidence. With careful planning be extremely vigilant to what he was eating and what he came into contact with that could inflame his skin or cause irritation.

As an adult, during many years working in the public eye, Richard had privately refined his careful diet to eventually become an advocate of a plant-based diet over the last four to five years with moving to become a Raw Foodist with no cooked food at all, and has moved away from a 100% plant-based diet incorporating Raw Honey instead of Sugar, and did intitally have Raw Milk and Butter which does not react compared to pasteurized Dairy, amongst much more.

Through extensive personal and professional research and creating natural skin care from blending raw fruit and plant oils, predominantly from ancient indigent civilisation medicines and regimes.

His life changed dramatically by relieving him of the painful skin ailments he had suffered since childhood.

These formulas were created with advice from skin care experts, and personal usage via focus groups, developed new recipes and continues to do so in the form of westernised cosmetics and Raw Skin Food as a company was born.

These skin care products are literally Raw Live Food for the skin, meaning these products are of the highest purity and these formulas will now stylistically and holistically lead the way to help relieve and cut many allergies and skin ailments of those who suffer with this torment.

Our Mission

For our company


We would like to become the go to place for 8 Common Food Allergen free products and advice for diet via consultancy, and making life easier for those who suffer with allergies and food intolerance’s, and severe skin ailments, we want to heal you with nature not synthetic.


Providing the sources and best ingredients available which are not only organic, but usually are Wild and unrefined (when possible) and have the least processing possible to help you with super nutritional value.

Currently we will be selling Wild Olive Oil from January 2016 (from Spain )

Raw Honey (from the UK, Portugal, and creating a Raw Honey place in Co-operatives from October 2015 to make our own)  to sell to shops but not available on the website due to we wish to keep 8 common food allergen free and Vegan friendly, with extension to ship and sell abroad.

But giving you links to acquiring Raw Honey, Raw Milk, Raw Butter and other great quality products much more closer to you for those who do not want or feel the need to attribute to a  Vegan diet, perhaps more suited to Paleo or Vegetarian.

We are in stages to provide seeds and other nutritional ideals from links around Europe and worldwide such as olive lead extract, fig oil, medlar extract, wild plum oil, wild passion fruit and much more.

SKIN (Skin Care Products)

For all our customers when using our skin care products which are aimed at reducing and if possible eliminating skin ailments such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Rosacea, Blemishes, Dry Skin, Wrinkled Skin, Dark Circles, Adult Acne.

All of our products are Handmade and have these unique qualities

8 Unique things about us?

All products are Handmade by the owner and formulated ALWAYS!

Cold pressed and using Raw techniques only preserving nutritional value

8 Common Food Allergen Free and Vegan based

Small batches meaning astringent care is undertaken to offer the best product possible

8 ingredients or less per product

No additives, bulkers or preservatives added which affect skin ailments

The products are created within 8 hours cycles of fasting-4 hours before and 4 hours after making, meaning energetically they are of the purest ethos coming from Ancient ritualistic medicinal remedy ideals.

Products so pure if you ate them you would have no side effects, coming from the mantra of non-western civilizations ‘Don’t put products on your skin you would not eat!’


At present we have 6 ranges for many skin types and more products are being made to extend for ranges, collaborations and coming from concept to actual via research by our team of experts.

Cleansing Milks – Our cleansing milks, otherwise known as facial cleansers, soaps and gels, gently cleanse and nourish the skin, whilst foam or facial gel washes could potentially dehydrate the skin of its natural water and hydration. These are in the Imperial Whipped, Mother and Baby Fabulous, Quench Thy Thirst ranges.

Serums- Our serums are purely organic unrefined oil based with no bulkers, preservatives or synthetic ingredients.  These are only in two ranges Free The Mind and Superfood.

Toners – Our toners, otherwise known as facial sprays, mists and tonics, restore ph skin balance and seal open pores because other non-natural alternatives could potentially strip the skin of its natural oils (Sebum). Available in all ranges apart from WOW.

Balms-Our unrefined butter based Balms, otherwise known as moisturisers and waxes, protect the skin compared to their water based equivalents, which could potentially dry out the skin. Available in all ranges.

Chakra Massage Oils- These are unrefined, cold pressed seed or fruit oils and use Soil Association approved Essential oils they are available in our shop but for more information check


Providing recipes, diet tips, nutritional advice and remedies for well-being believing what you consume is very important to what your outer achieves.

Concept of Raw Skin Food

Principles and strategy of Raw Skin Food


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