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Raw Skin Food Limited does not exist as a company anymore so is not registered, certified, recognised or endorsed by trade bodies, government agencies and user societies around the world.

Vegan Society (membership Deceased on July 2015)

I decided to finish with the Vegan society as over two years I had only 40 referrals from their site, and every form of promotion you had to pay for on top.

The society though charge for the use of the labeling never actually test products scientifically, same as BUAV and accept your ingredients listings.  Knowing they also do this with multi-global companies who have shady tactics I found that in my best interest I will be setting up my association with scientists, and global practitioners who test where ingredients come from, chain line of buying and more, the specification will be Wild and Raw not just organic either as that term has been misused for years.

The products of Raw Skin Food are Vegan but also go further then just that.

All of the skin care products we provide do not include Soya, Wheat, Nut ingredients and many other allergens and toxic ingredients which are still commercially accepted.

US Food & Drug Administration

Raw Skin Food Limited is registered (skin care can never be approved) with the US Food & Drug Administration through its VCRP scheme.  Our product ingredients and formulas are filed with the US FDA, and the company adhere’s to the FDA’s compliance and regulatory guidelines.

Establishment number: E1003323

Raw Skin Food Limited has a continuing ethos to liberate Colieacs, Diabetics and general ailment sufferers who have tried conventional skin care for years only to find that they relieve one issue, only to develop others.

Raw Skin Food Limited works with its customers to develop solutions tailored to their needs the two new ranges released in July 2013 illustrate this.

Free The Mind for Hyper-Sensitive skin types only using Plant ingredients only

Superfood for Oily/Anti-Aging skin types only using unrefined premium oils and butters without essentials oils


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