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Free From Food Industry: Latest Gluten Free food problem recall..

In the Allergy and free from food market, the gluten free term plus products labelled this industry has grown significantly- in millions of profits and so forth mainly within Supermarkets branding and sections now available there and health shops around the country.

So when the news of the recall on Friday 5th June came about it in regards to Genius foods having to recall some Gluten free crumpets it was shocking to some people in the field but not explained on the mass national news. Why?

So was this a ploy or just a conspiracy theory for Supermarkets to knock Genius foods out of the FreeFrom market to launch there own brands by underhand tactics.  This has been done in the past with Coca A Cola Vs Pepsi.  The Supermarkets bombarding us with price differences. It would not be surprising.

Sainsburys for example have there own branded bread, Warburtons for at least two years now have there own Gluten-Free bread.  Even so called companies as Heinz do Gluten Free Salad Cream, yes folks it exists.

Myself I have suffered with intolerance’s from a young age and it annoys me how companies exploit this with foods, but most of the food alternatives give you issues too due to way overloaded preservatives.  My shopping is away from Supermarkets and to find out farmers market produce, which is fresher and less issues dietary wise.

Ironically earlier in the day on that Friday there was an front page article in The Daily Telegraph stating parents were brainwashed with allergy myths and were actually harming there children with malnutrition.   I read on my journey from London to the Midlands. An offer of free bottled water if your bought the paper which was an interesting angle to whilst reading it.

I have made a comment on the article on Monday 8th on a Linkedin post with a viewpoint on Allergy Myths

The Daily Telegraph Parents Falling for Allegry myths

So the apology letter (see below) from Genius food founder Lucinda is welcome and obviously needed for PR especially, it must be heartbreaking for her as a representative of her own company. Her intentions are pure like most respected Health companies when a family member has a dietary issue, due to her own children having separate intolerance issues of Diary and Gluten. At one of the Allergy Free shows back in 2009/10 I had met Lucinda and have seen her brand grow at a phenomenal rate and yet she is still down to earth, probably shocked at the success.

Apology from Genius Foods Founder

But however aside from this future wise could this issue of a recall do damage to the brand longterm and actually what knowledge gluten intolerance really is and it’s confusing representation by the media and health blogs. As one of the main things we have not been explained in detail in any articles before the the apology letter to an average consumer is how long were these products sold with a trace of gluten in.

A few months/weeks/ as long as a year?

Have the traces of Gluten always been there?

Genius Foods have they been caught out like the Horse-meat scandal with Findus Lasagne in droves sold to busy mums at Iceland. Or is there likely to be skepticism in a huge growing industry.  This all seems to be good PR and great for the Allergy Show in July to answer questions on this.

The aftermath

So has it affected people that much in reality, maybe but then the added question.

Are people really Gluten intolerant or is it a fad/diet/symptom of scaremongering?

Well perhaps a article on what Gluten Intolerance is helps (click here)

Now the next stage is to really understand what the lesson should and could be learnt from this episode.  Plus it would be welcome to how the constant reeducation of what any intolerance is and especially Gluten intolerance/ coeliac disease is,  so then we can watch out for incidents like this and be more prepared, without the panic.  Plus how Gluten really affects peoples health and not just  the over-analytical stress heads who think dietary issues exist when in fact it goes deeper then just one ingredient it is perhaps and likely alot more such as preservatives Soya Lichen, Xantham Gum to name a few..

All comments are welcome…

Winnie The Pooh-Tao Of Pooh Book Analysis

In a series of video discussions our owner Richard James Clark looks at what can be relevant to the contemporary world

This first video is an evaluation of Winnie The Pooh as a character and a modern day ideal of Tao and Te of Piglet by Benjamin Hoff within links of psychology.

Please enjoy comments are welcome, even for trolls..?

Being creative and the ongoing journey

Creative background

Being a health practitioner I do regularly get asked in meetings, lectures, and general conversations.

What is your background? Well I have always been into creativity and the energetic use of that.

How did you get into making skincare and working with health? Skincare was to relive my own ailments and health the same with in regards to liefstyle and dieta.

Well a simple answer to not go too deep is healing people was always my destiny I feel (everyone has a destiny and we are put on earth for a purpose). As a child i believed and saw the effect of how people could be healed with music, which I think is possible but it goes deeper then that with health, dieta, lifestyle, your environment.

I am still learning constantly and utilize my experience i have gained so far, am I an expert?

Personally I think we are always students of life and use our skills learnt to improve not just ourselves but helping others is a general pillar of humanization we need to aspire to.

So then how do you present creativity -well watch the video below for an answer.

Presentation of Creativity