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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder-or is it manipulation? Part 1

Welcome folks to another blog post this will be a three parter, so look out for the other two parts soon.

I had a great discussion with a magazine owner about writing an article about beauty and an idea came into my head.

How and why is the term beauty very much manipulated?

I find this interesting as a skincare owner and how my mission intrinsically is for everyone to embrace their natural beauty, dash their make-up away as much as possible and be proud of who they are.

However in British (Westernised) culture we are bombarded with what is a beautiful person especially  regarding females alluring features to men, the Adonis form to females, whereas this is not reality.

Notice music videos a recent example (over-hyped) such as Robin Thickes Blurred Lines with women scantily clad , where as the men are fully clothed like they are their Pimps, or the new Rhianna video which is being described as soft porn their is always a boundary to push, go that extra mile.

Films, Television, even Page Three in a Newspaper to images of ‘PERFECT’ women and men adorn adverts, magazines and much more.


So first if all I will start off with the first impression of what a child thinks is beautiful-and this goes back to imagery



Now unless you were born under a rock, this line is from the famous fairytale Snow White, when the wicked witch asks the immortal question ‘Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all’

Most children probably watch Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as their first cartoon film-this is an example so bare with me.

It is interesting the queen gets angry when she finds out it is Snow White, a white young lady with ivory skin and black hair in a bun is the most beautiful women in the land.

Now nothing wrong with that you ask? well, here is the truth, their actually is.

Disney made the film different to the book, why?

You must have a happy ending, most fairytales do not, especially read Hans Christen Anderson books  the Little mermaid didn;t marry a prince and certainly had no singing Caribbean crab (though Sebastian actually was a lobster technically)

Not once in the film Snow White do they mention Ms White being a princess and was kicked out of the kingdom by her Evil step mother, the new queen after her original died during child-birth.

Snow White is seen as kind or thoughtful, you see it when she feeds the birds and sings and looks after 7 workers, who we never know why they turn up to her house, in the original story they are paid by the Queen to kill her, not dig in a mine.



Anyway not to digress from beauty, so Snow White is seen as this beautiful women, the Queen is seen as an evil women who turns into a hag to try and poison Snow White.

Yet again for a child they see older women as Evil (interesting as the queen would be about your Mothers age), or ugly (your grandmothers age) and only young women as beautiful and that if you are a Prince you can have a  beautiful women and a happy every life.

This is only one example their are many more, but research and analyse.

Children’s view of beauty 

But children should be brought up to accept beauty comes in many shapes, forms and guises.

Some of the most beautiful people I have meet are not conventionally beautiful let alone a Princess-though if any would like to meet me I am free anytime (wink wink).

So if beauty is manipulated to children from young, then the mindset growing up is very hard to disguise what is beauty and then makes life very tough, to ever be fulfilled not just physically but mentally.

In the western world

1 out of 10 couples get divorced within 5 years of marriage due to

  • Adultery; Extramarital sex; Infidelity – 27%
  • Domestic violence – 17%
  • Midlife crisis – 13%
  • Addictions, e.g. alcoholism and gambling – 6%
  • Workaholism – 6%

1 out of every 10 women get some form of surgery, whether this is breast enlargement, nose jobs

1 out of every 25 men are getting surgeries too including anatomy enlargements.


With this going trend you wonder then the  knock-on effect with children and their self-esteem let alone their thought process to not replicate their parents mistakes.

So is their a solution?

The Solution 



The power of persuasion, the law of attraction, call it what you will but I feel if we do not teach out children about self-love, respect and to look at the beauty in everything we are doomed as a society.

So yes read them fairy tales (no harm), BUT also encourage them to love and help their friends in a platonic way, fellow people, even strangers with kindness, and even if you dislike people (turn the other cheek) or are full of hatred help your children not to be.

As adults we need to encourage each other that we can be happy, contented and find that right person for us, discuss our feelings openly, and never be afraid to be honest (this should always be encouraged) .

However their is always a BUT, don’t think just being with someone is enough, it takes hard work to make a relationship work.

We don’t live in fairy tales and hence why we must wisely choose our partners, what ever sexual orientation we are and weigh up the good and bad and find the greatest joy within these moments.  They person you fall in love with now can you see yourself loving them the same in 10 years time , 20 years time if not you MUST be honest with yourself.

Encourage natural beauty is a full-time job and its not easy, but your partner or friends should encourage you to be true to  yourself .

Thats all for now

Part II tomorrow with regards to beauty within the social community.


Richard James Clark

Managing Director

Raw Skin Food